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As a smart technology company, e-motionlabs develops groundbreaking enabling technology to push the micromobility revolution with light electric vehicles.

The core of our enabling technology consists of smart communication modules that connect e-bikes and e-scooters to the cloud. Through smart applications we create a safer, more sustainable and more efficient e-experience for both the end user and fleet managers.

We do not assume a ready-made solution. Our e-motion lab technology can offer a solution for specific mobility challenges.


Company Body
  • 2015: establishment of Click & Bike, with the aim of developing the first smartbike for bicycle tourism
  • 2016: KINGO: the first Smartbike for bicycle tourism with integrated navigation and connection to IoT platform is a fact. The first tests are carried out at specific pilot locations in Limburg.
  • 2017: 200 KINGO’s are distributed in the Benelux, which provides valuable insights from 15.000 rides – good for 600,000 km - in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
  • 2018: business pivot and company rebranding to e-motionlabs with a new focus on the development of smart communication modules for light electric vehicles
  • 2019: development of the first communication modules deployed in various labs with e-bikes and e-scooters for both OEM products and providers of mobility solutions