The Facilities

Corda Campus attaches great importance to service to fulfil your needs in terms of facilities. A typical feature of our campus is that we offer shared facilities. Our companies can use the social and technical infrastructure. This reduces the investment and expenditure for every company. 

We offer the following services:

  • Catering
  • Meeting rooms
  • Waste management
  • Cleaning
  • Security & access control
  • Reception
  • Office supplies
  • Printer and copier
  • Technical service

Less is more!

Those who like to do their job do it better. Corda Campus tries to take the burden of daily chores off the shoulders of its residents, precisely with this objective in mind. Supplementary facilities and support services ensure that the work-life balance is maintained. The centrally located service center in Corda1 provides support services in function of indirect job-related matters such as catering, a shop, an ATM, a post office, an ironing service and so on.

Community platform

Corda Campus is preparing to launch additional initiatives for suppliers that appreciate the added value of our community. This too is part of the ecosystem. We do not believe in limiting yourself to working together on innovative solutions in your workplace. This is part of life and ties in with the mindset of the Corda residents. We participate in Open Companies Day as a whole to increase our impact and reduce the cost for the participating companies.

We envisage opportunities with trade exhibitions, training initiatives, airlines, hotels, car suppliers… to arrive at the best and most favourable solution. There are several possibilities. As a Corda company and Corda employee you only stand to benefit from this. We consider that raising the appeal of our campus is an indirect asset.

Contact the Corda Campus team with any questions you might have. We will gladly help you.