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Community Management Intern


At Small Teaser we offer communities the opportunity to publish a digital magazine or news website. Every community member can easily contribute stories, images, and videos. Moreover,
being a reward-based, crowd-sourced publisher, we make sure to reward passion-driven content creators. At Small Teaser you earn big, while we earn a little. We’re hunting for new talent! Are you the one we’re looking for?
Currently, we’re looking for a highly motivated intern to come strengthen our community management team. If growing blogs and social media accounts is your thing, communication is your
middle name, and have some understanding of digital publishing/blogging: do NOT hesitate to reach out to us. The Community Management intern will be the first point of contact between our circle members and
circle editors. As a digital native you will be assisting the marketing and community management departments in all communications, PR, social media, and content creation, among other things.
You’ll also be given tons of opportunities to help identify and launch new communities on the Small Teaser platform.

Skills - Knowledge - Experience

  • A major in journalism, marketing or communications is a big plus
  • Understanding of social media platforms and why content on those platforms are popular
  • Avid social media user
  • Identify new community opportunities in the market
  • Ability to create intriguing content
  • Native English or high-level fluency (tip: don’t lie; we’ll notice)
  • Have an outgoing, enthusiastic personality
  • Any experience with blogging and digital content generates Small Teaser brownie points.

Job Description

After our initial interview (sounds intense; it’s not) we’ll quickly be able to tell if there’s a mutual match. Once you’re shortlisted, we’ll put together a brief task for you to complete. Depending on
your skill-set and experience we will then propose a well-defined project with a very specific scope for you to focus on. You will be amply guided throughout the process by our senior team
members, who will also set milestones and a projected end-goal.

If interested, just shoot us an email and cover letter at . We’re looking forward to speaking with you!

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