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Data Scientist Ugen Tec


You will create the little pieces of intelligence that are plugged into our PCR workflow
software platform. These so-called plugins are the beating heart of our product and
consist of:

  • machine learned algorithms,
  • specific molecular diagnostic information,
  • and client-specific logic.

You will focus on algorithm development, applying the latest machine learning techniques to interpret our biomedical data automatically. Besides that, you could take up a dataOps role. You optimize our process, spot efficiency gains and increase our throughput.

Your profile & day-to-day

  1.  you love data, especially loads of them
  2.  you speak Matlab (Python and/or R is a plus)
  3. you have a broad background & interest in all different techniques in artificial intelligence, you are experienced in using this knowledge to solve concrete business needs
  4. you are an expert when it comes to artificial intelligence and machine-learning
  5. you are well-knowledged and/or experienced on signal processing
  6. you have a master/PhD degree in mathematical engineering or computer science
  7. you work in a team of data scientists and want to have fun with them

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