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Hardware Engineer


We imagine, hack, shape and build IoT products

Help us build the future of Industrial Lighting with the IoT. We strongly believe in green energy and avoid wasting energy. We make lighting systems smart by gathering data and making them self-learning. We blend classic, proven technologies with the latest top notch technologies. You’re the one to take our product line beyond lighting: radiators, airconditioning, smart manufacturing, …

We’re a startup based in Hasselt on the Corda Campus.

Projects you’ll work on

Develop IoT hardware: select the right components, draw the scheme and create an astounding PCB.
Follow the LED: following the latest trends on the LED market and work with state-of-the-art LEDs only.
Test tools: know where a PCB can fail in production and create the hardware to detect the error.
Quality: motivate our subcontractor to the next level, ensure they ship top-quality products only.

Our Stack

ARM, digital electronics, analog electronics, radar sensors, LEDs, Altium, DECT, wireless communication, switched-mode power supply, ethernet and EMC

However, all of these technologies are interchangeable. We believe in continuously improving our stack and always deliberately select the right tool for the right job.

You …

believe that one day Elon Musk will fly to Mars and that you’ll be the guy that installs LED lights on the Red Planet.
take ownership in your projects
create art
know how a 555 works
believe in the craft of software engineering, but are pragmatic and have the drive to make a positive change
are flexible, proactive, and curious
attend hackathons and/or tech conferences
write code, hack and build stuff in your spare time
know that the only thing that matters in technology is user experience
value people over processes
love to share knowledge and build cool stuff together
are always in for a laugh

Interested? Be creative, preferably crazy, and get in touch: 

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